Gandhiwarmer 3: Atlanta, GA 01/28/2012 from Christophile Konstas on Vimeo.

Seems we've made our way down the east coast with gandhiwarmer each year. Our team gandhiwarmer visited Atlanta's Bronze Gandhi at the Martin Luther King Jr. center to honor Troy Davis who was executed in 2012. Amazingly, there was another tribute to Mr. Davis at the King Center on the same day. Groups of people walked by wearing cyan 'I am Troy Davis' t-shirts, almost eerily.

2012's was a lovely and most intimate warming. I believe that sometimes people can be your angels and sometimes you can be their angels. There was a woman leaving the Troy Davis event who was so touched by our installation, remembering the tears rolling down her cheeks in the afternoon sun brings tears to my eyes everytime.

A group of soldiers from around the world including Afghanistan and Pakistan were visiting Atlanta while in training for combat at a local military base. The young man we met from Afghanistan asked to take a gift scarf as a memento of the warming, then swiftly and beautifully tied it into a turban on his head.

Special thanks to Kashi Atlanta for letting us in even though they were closed in order to get a candle for the warming, so very kind. And to the sweetest hosts and new friends Charlie & Jamie, we are all so happy to now know you. Thank you for bringing us to the most amazing spots around town, had the best time at Radial, Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room, & Daddy D’z bbq – we all fell in love with Atlanta.

*As we left the installation and walked over to Sister Luisa's Church of the Ping Pong Living room, Nikki said 'All is right with the world.' And I think that's exactly why we do this each year. Feelings of peace, wholeness, joy, & goodness fill us and replace the weight from the stress of the world.

Our team traveled in from Richmond, VA and New Orleans, LA and those that couldn’t make the trip this year - we missed you. Team gandhiwarmer is made up of the fabulous K1-D2 and myself & is a collaboration of lots of warmth, scarf sections for Gandhi, Gandhi’s hat, gift hats & scarves, and knit flowers from members in RVA, Portland, Philly, and the Virgin Islands.

One of the many treats about gandhiwarmer is seeing who takes your gifted scarf. The young lady below was very pleased to receive the white one that I made : )

Please see the day's video by Christophile Konstas here.
Photos & film by Nikki Price aka yarnbird, Holly Brown aka purlscout, Christophile Konstas, and myself aka knitface.