For the second annual gandhiwarming we headed to DC, this time most of team gandhiwarmer heading up from Virginia and for me, from New Orleans - thank you frequent flyer miles! Before leaving town I serendipitously saw a sidewalk sign that stated: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The amazing ladies of K1D2 knit the most beautiful flower garland to lay at his feet. I knit the hat and one section of his scarf. The rest of the scarf was divided by K1D2. We renedevous-ed the night before and finished last minute details the next morning. DC's Gandhi is at least a third larger than NYC's, we were a little nervous about getting up high enough.

For this warming we also had a visit from the secret service. The officer was kind enough to let us continue with the warming and we promised to remove his gear before leaving him, which we did. We did leave our cozy pile of giveaways and I actually got to meet the woman who took mine the next morning. She was so thrilled and said: “Gandhi helped the people right? Maybe he can help me.” I was so touched and replied/stammered.. “Yes, yes, I think so too! “

This year's warming was dedicated to the people of Egypt, the sounds of their celebrations in Tahir Square is something I will never forget and still gives me the goosebumps.

Thank you to my dear friends and team gandhiwarmers: K1D2, Erik Sandberg, Megan Williams, & Rishi Dan who set the scene with his beautiful bansuri flute performance!

We also received a nice write up in ABC news. Please find more on the process blog.