I designed this ‘Take Care of You’ First Aid Kit in collaboration with LearnToLive, a non-profit based in New Orleans & Australia that provides healthcare, education, and clean water access to those without those resources in Indonesia, Africa, and Laos.

The kit is made of hemp canvas and holds items that LTL teams use most while traveling to provide healthcare in clinics in Africa and Indonesia. This includes: alcohol wipes, band aids, gauze, bandages, feminine products, instant cold compress, gauze, hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, hydration salts, paw paw ointment, safety pins, saline solution, sterile gloves, and wet wipes.

Handmade in New Orleans of Hemp Canvas and leather strap.

The ‘Fish & Rice Forever’ Journals cover design includes phrases said or heard frequently by LTL teams while traveling. Enjoy a slice of LTL’s clinic life while supporting their work around the globe. 50% of proceeds are donated to LearnToLive.

These 5"x7", 32 page journals are made of 100% recycled French’s paper and risograph printed with soy inks. The paper is amazing. It is incredibly smooth ( you might want to rub it on your cheek ) & made of 100% recycled content - French's paper has been creating sustainable papers since 1955. They are a sixth generation, family owned company that started in 1871. Their U.S. mill has been powered by hydroelectric since 1922, also giving surplus electricity to surrounding communities.