A bookshelf for wanderers and booknuts. This book transporter and display unit was designed with frequent moving and the healthy storage of books in mind. Canvas loops hang upon an easily raised and disassembled steel frame, hardware is not needed for assembly. The frame rests upon the wall and is attached there at one point for stability.

This shelf treasures your favorite books and plays with the ideas of lightness, weight, and the act of transporting heavy objects.

The idea began with the exploration of moving ones favorite objects frequently. I climbed the steps of my five floor walk up in NYC with many varied amounts of books in a variety of test holders to find the optimum amount and weight to move books in multiplicity. Two groups of 15 were easily carried [like a milkmaid with a yoke of two milk buckets] and the steel frame can be carried over your shoulder [like a wanderer's stick and kerchief].

I researched the best way to store books and found that in small groups, lying flat is actually preferable. Each loop holds 15 books, each bookshelf then displays approximately 60 of your dearest books.

+Props: DWR Best in Show Award
Shown at Brooklyn Designs, ICFF, Turf Collective Mobile Truck Gallery, iSalone, & DWR Milwaukee