Photos by Kohler Company

The Shift handshower is designed to provide dual function in a contemporary and minimal design. The lower portion of the handshower is sleeved with a grip material to provide friction while twisting the handle to close off the lower nozzles which provides a utility or massage spray.

I began the project by using and testing competitor products and found poor grip-ability and spray quality to be the primary problematic issues. As a global product it must incorporate varying needs including unique cultural user needs and a range of standard water pressures (US, UK, India, Asia, etc.).

I initiated user needs testing utilizing Kohler’s global locations- Wisconsin, UK, Paris, and Asia. From the information gathered in these findings, I felt it important to ensure that the primary spray was forceful enough for everyday showering [as needed outside of the US] and to include a secondary spray feature. Uses for the second spray include massage, cleaning of the shower, tub, children, or pets, and massage relief from sore muscles or migraines.

Determined to fit this functionality into a slender footprint I mocked up rotating mechanisms to fit within the oval cylinder and eventually convinced the project's engineer that we could accomplish a dual spray within the small oval. The oval shape also inherently improves grip, helpful in a wet environment.

Available in multiple finishes, grip colors, and now additional rectangular profile to match additional Kohler lines.