The summer of 2013, I was honored to be selected to be a part of the Neighborland + GOOD Ideas for Cities Initiative & part of the Better/Safer Biking Team. Each team received $500 & four weeks to spend on their group’s project. The five projects stemmed from Neighborland posts on city needs / wishes.

Our Better Biking project resulted in the Broad to Bayou Bikeway & the textable bike to bus directions app & website See our presentation video at NOMA here on GOOD, don’t worry it’s not too long.

More about our process on guerilla signage & the bike to bus app: To begin we created a survey of ‘hotspots’ for people to name the troublespots found on their travels through the city. With these results we then visited each site to see how we might help. Many of the trouble points or ‘hotspots’ were at sketchy or stressful intersections. We also found that better signage to help cyclists avoid stressful streets all together would be a big help safety-wise.

This led us to thinking of a networked series of bikeways throughout the city. These bikeways could be better highlighted, promoted, and developed. We re-named the Jeff Davis Parkway ‘Broad to Bayou’ to better illustrate which parts of town this bikeway can transport you to. Traveling again to the ‘hotspots’ we listed the signage needed. I found a local printer that was able to print heavy duty reflective tape, then adhered to aluminum, as a standard street sign would be.

The bike to bus app/website helps everyone achieve cross-town destinations more quickly. Lucky to have Joel Carranza, an app developer & web-guru on our team, he was able to use the recently released RTA data for bus info for the app. The app is not only for smartphone use, as it texts you the directions, making it accessible for more people.

Big thanks to GOOD & Neighborland for making this happen, absolutely happy to be a part of. Also, one of my fave signs below. This one was later voted to be changed to ‘stressy route’ to be a little friendlier to younger folks, but this version is my fave.

And hey! We got tagged, we are legit! I was imagining how these would wear as we installed the signs, good to see we are blending in.