I collaborated with Marie, a wonderful electrical engineer that I met at the Science Museum in RVA to figure out how to make this electronic clock work. I helped wire the LED's and attach them all to the bread board, this was so cool & fun.

The clock body is made of acrylic and polycarbonate, held together with acrylic screws. Gotta love McMaster-Carr. The minutes are represented by the red LED's and are shown in four groups of 15 vertically. The hours were etched onto acrylic half spheres, mounted vertically and represented with blue LED's. (1998)

Stripe Chair: Experiment in unique and minimal structure. I designed and built this in 1999 - it is maple and anigre veneer on bent ply. I’m still a sucker for a three legged chair. This was second in a series of three legged chair studies.

Lawn Chair: Chair made of dirt and grass to plant in your yard. Check out my photo shop skills from 1998 - Whoa.