A sketchbook is a trusted confidant and a place where dreams begin. As you fill these handmade letterpress notebooks with your dreams, you also help students stay in school and to pursue their dreams.

10% of proceeds are donated to the I Have a Dream Foundation, a unique program that provides mentors to children in under-resourced schools and helps students from elementary through high school to stay in school as well as providing tuition assistance for college.

These 5" x 7", 32 page notebooks have beautiful letterpress covers handmade in New Orleans by John Fitzgerald. The paper is amazing. It is incredibly smooth ( you might even want to rub it on your cheek ) & made of 100% recycled content - French's paper has been creating sustainable papers since 1955. They are a sixth generation, family owned company that started in 1871. Their U.S. mill has been powered by hydroelectric since 1922, also giving surplus electricity to surrounding communities.

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