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Tippy Tippens is a social entrepreneur, designer, gandhiwarmer, someone who loves to experiment with making new flavors of ice cream, and a fan of the canadian tuxedo. She is thrilled to be part of the GOOD 100 this year, ' one of 100 people pushing the world forward.'

Her professional experiences have included: founding a creative studio for social change, designing faucets for Kohler, freelancing for lighting, furniture, graphic, architectural, and wayfinding firms as well as designing and making home furnishings for over ten years. She gives inspiring talks, participates in exhibitions, competitions, and collaborations in design, public projects, and photography.

Tippens earned her masters degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute and her B.F.A., with a focus in furniture design, from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is passionate about creating things based in observing the ways in which we live and ultimately wishes to contribute to greater happiness.

She is an alumni of the 2011 Propeller Fellowship in the New Ventures Accelerator program and has recently founded BirdProject and Matter Inc., Design for Social Change.

In November 2011, she spoke at TEDxTU, see the talk here: 'Obsessing over what Matters'

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